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WaterPoloLive exclusive report on regulations’ changes, as presented in Dubai

WaterPoloLive exclusive report on regulations’ changes, as presented in Dubai

Men’s water polo is entering a new era, brought by the revolutionary regulations’ changes which FINA has decided to introduce in the game. reports all details discussed in Dubai, where the new set of rules will be tested for the first time tomorrow (Sunday 22/06).

Four of the teams (China, Serbia, Montenegro and Australia) which took part in men’s World League Super Final will play in the test event matches, in order to see how things work out under the new regulations.

The details were discussed on Friday (20/06) in Dubai, at a special meeting. The introduction was made by FINA Executive Director mr. Cornel Marculescu, at presence of all eight teams head coaches and team leaders, the Venue Manager of Hamdan Sports Complex mr. Kyriakos Giannopoulos, FINA Bureau member and Hellenic Aquatics Federation president mr. Dimitris Diathesopoulos, as well as FINA Technical Water Polo Committee chairman mr. Gianni Lonzi.

Mr. Marculescu explained that changes are necessary, in order for water polo to become more attractive and spectacular, according to the general directives of the International Olympic Committee for all sports.
“We must renew our sports. Swimming can’t change, diving will see the addition of 28-metre diving to make the sport more spectacular, while synchronized swimming will have a double duet as a new discipline. Therefore, we should also make some changes in water polo, as well”, the FINA Executive Director said.

The FINA Congress held last February decided in favor of the following changes:

-Rosters will be cut down from 13 players to 11 players per team. This way, there will be space for more countries in the major competitions.
-Women teams participating in the Olympic Games will rise from 8 to 12, just as happens in men’s category.
-The playing surface will be reduced to a 25-metre-long pool. This change shall reduce transition time from defense to attack, thus making the game faster and more attractive for television broadcasting.
-Teams will have 6 players, instead of 7. This comes along with the pool size reduction, so that the players will still have enough space to move.
-Smaller-size ball for men. This will ensure better grip, more goals and highest shooting speed, making each attack more spectacular.


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