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Serbia arrives at the “Big Apple”

Serbia arrives at the “Big Apple”

The Serbian national team is going to have a busy summer, which has started in the most cosmopolitan way, as the whole team traveled to New York for a week of training and preparation along with Team USA.

The Serbs cannot count on Nikola Radjen, who will face a 2-year or even an 4-year ban by FINA after having tested positive on an anti-doping control, but they still remain the team to beat in all big tournaments of this summer.

This is why Savic, Stefanovic and all the stars of the Serbian team traveled on Monday to New York, directly from Barcelona, where the LEN Champions League “Final Six” was held. During their stay in the United States, they will participate in a training camp along with the USA team and start gearing up ahead of the next challenges.

Serbia will aim for the gold medal at the World League Super Final, from June 22nd to 28th in Bergamo, Italy, in order to become the first team to qualify to the 2016 Olympic Games and also get their hands into the tempting prize money.

Later on, they will try to have another success in the World Championships in Kazan, Russia, but their current preparation is about another goal, too: The 2016 European Championships, which they will host in Belgrade from January 10th to 23rd next year and where they will try to excel in all aspects.